Testimonial 7

I am having around 8 years of experience in Java/J2EE. I was very much excited to hear the Hadoop Training opportunity from Collabera.
I have very little knowledge about Big data previously. However I heard a lot about it, that it is the next big thing as the data which is handled
in the internet is so huge that it tests the limitations of the existing technologies.

The training was planned to be 50 hour long excluding the hours you put in on the revisions, weekly assignments, final POC and internal certification.
Initially I was worried about lot of sub projects being involved (Ecosystem). However the trainer ensured that he explained each and every topic in detail
and had the patience to clarify our doubts. Especially the Q&A session after every topic helped us clarify our questions instantly. Coupled with this the cluster
environment provided by Collabera, took the learning to a new level. It helped us understand the concepts at a higher level and practise in real time set up.

The weekly assignments heled us to have enough practice and apply the knowledge gained during the sessions. One needs to put in some extra time in understanding
the topic and also browser the internet to come up with the solutions. The more time we spent, the better it is.

Overall, the session helped very much. I hope the future batches would also get lot of benefit from it and be ready for real time industry exposure. All the best.


Roberto M. Marquez Jr Deloitte Consulting

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