Companies look for talent, get some skills as topping

08 March ’16

Companies look for talent, get some skills as topping. Staffing firms include skill development in their roster of offerings.

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IT Centre to bridge gap between demand & supply of Professionals

29 Oct ’15

The Technology Academy for Competency Training (TACT), Vidyanagar, will soon be offering training on Social Media Analytics Cloud (SMAC).

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Collabera Launches IT Training Academy in Vidhyanagar

16 Oct ’15

For the first time Collabera Tact has launched IT Training Academy in Vidhyanagar. This facility can accommodate 100 students at a time….

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IT staffing firms will get your skills developed before finding you a job

08 Mar ’16

Up until now, IT staffing firms just had to match job-seekers with job openings. However, to up their offerings, they have now decided to launch training institutes where they would develop the skills of individuals before setting them off on their professional journey....

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