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Become an expert in Hadoop by getting hands-on knowledge on MapReduce, Hadoop Architecture, Pig & Hive, Oozie, Flume, and Apache workflow schedulers. Also, get familiar with HBase, Zookeeper, and Sqoop concepts while working on industry-based use-cases and projects.

Why Get Big Data Hadoop Developer Certification from Collabera TACT?

As new job opportunities are arising for IT professionals in the field of “Big Data & Hadoop,” there is an enormous scope for them. According to a recent study in 2018, there will be 181,000 Big Data roles within the U.S. By 2020, the Big Data & Hadoop market is estimated to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) 58%, surpassing $16 billion.

Big Data Hadoop Developer certification offered by Collabera TACT brings out the key ideas and proficiency for managing Big Data with Apache’s open source platform – Hadoop. Gaining in-depth knowledge on core ideas through the course and executing it on wide-ranging industry use-cases. It imparts new opportunities to organizations of all sizes and equips you to write codes on the MapReduce framework. The course also consists of advanced modules like Yarn, Zookeeper, Oozie, Flume, and Sqoop.

Big Data Hadoop Developer Course Objectives:

  • Learn to write complex codes in MapReduce on both MRv1 & MRv2 (Yarn) and understand the Hadoop architecture.
  • Perform analytics and learn high-level scripting frameworks Pig & Hive.
  • Get a full understanding of Hadoop system and its advance elements like Oozie, Flume, and apache workflow scheduler.
  • Get familiar with other concepts: Hbase, Zookeeper, and Sqoop.
  • Get hands-on expertise in numerous configurations & surroundings of Hadoop cluster.
  • Learn about optimization & troubleshooting.
  • Acquire in-depth knowledge on Hadoop architecture by learning about Hadoop Distribution file system (vHDFS one.0 & vHDFS a pair of.0).
  • Get to work on Real Life Project based on Industry standards.

Pre-requisites for Big Data Hadoop Developer Certification

Any individual who wants to pursue their career in Big Data and Hadoop should have a basic understanding of Core Java. However, it is not mandatory as Collabera TACT offers complementary Java (self-paced) tutorials that will assist you in brushing up your Java skills.

Project 1: Twitter Analysis

The general observation is that 80% of the data is unstructured, while the remaining 20% is said to be in structured form. With the help of RDBMS, we can store/process only structured data while Hadoop enables us to store or process unstructured data as well.

Today, Twitter has become a significant source of data – and a reliable one at that – to analyze the consumer thought process, also called sentimental analysis. This helps in figuring out trending topics/ discussions. During this case study, we will be gathering data from Twitter, using various means, for some interesting analysis.

Project 2: Click-Stream Analysis

E-commerce websites have been observed to impact the economy of their region in a huge way. This trend has been observed globally. Every e-commerce website keeps a record of user-activity and stores it as clickstream. This activity is used to analyze the browsing patterns of a particular user thus helping the sites to recommend products with high accuracy upon future visitation. This also helps the e-commerce websites to design personalized promotional emails for its users.

In this case study, we will see how we can analyze the clickstream and user-data by using Pig and Hive. We will be gathering the user data with the help of RDBMS and will capture the user-behavior (clickstream) by using Flume in HDFS. Thereafter, we will analyze this data using Pig and Hive. We will also be automating the Click Stream Analysis by putting workflow engine Oozie to use.

Introduction/ Installation of Virtual Box and the Big Data VM Introduction to Linux, Why Linux?, Windows and the Linux equivalents, Different flavors of Linux, Unity Shell (Ubuntu UI), Basic Linux Commands (enough to get started with Hadoop)

3V (Volume- Variety- Velocity) characteristics, Structured and Unstructured Data, Application and use cases of Big Data, Limitations of traditional large Scale systems, How a distributed way of computing is superior (cost and scale), Opportunities and challenges with Big Data

HDFS Overview and Architecture, Deployment Architecture, Name Node, Data Node and Checkpoint Node (aka Secondary Name Node), Safe mode, Configuration files, HDFS Data Flows (Read v/s Write)

CRC Check Sum, Data replication, Rack awareness and Block placement policy, Small files problem

Command Line Interface, File System, Administrative, Web Interface

Load Balancer, Dist cp (Distributed Copy), HDFS Federation, HDFS High Availability, Hadoop Archives

MapReduce overview, Functional Programming paradigms, How to think in a MapReduce way

Legacy MR v/s Next Generation MapReduce, ( aka YARN/ MRv2), Slots v/s Containers, Schedulers, Shuffling, Sorting, Hadoop Data Types, Input and Output Formats, Input Splits – Partitioning (Hash Partitioner v/s Customer Partitioner), Configuration files, Distributed Cache

Adhoc querying, Graph Computing Engines

Stand alone mode ( in Eclipse), Pseudo distributed mode ( as in the Big Data VM), Fully distributed mode ( as in Production), MR API, Old and the new MR API, Java Client API, Hadoop data types and custom Writable

Different input and output formats, Saving Binary Data using Sequence Files and Avro Files, Hadoop Streaming (developing and debugging non Java MR program s – Ruby and Python)

• Speculative execution • Combiners • JVM Reuse • Compression

Sorting, Term Frequency, Inverse Document Frequency, Student Data Base, Max Temperature, Different ways of joining data, Word Co- Occurrence

PageRank, Inverted Index

Introduction and Architecture, Different Modes of executing Pig constructs, Data Types, Dynamic invokers Pig streaming Macros, Pig Latin language Constructs (LOAD, STORE, DUMP, SPLI T, etc), User Defined Functions, Use Cases

Introduction and Architecture, Different Modes of executing Hive queries, Metastore Implementations, HiveQL (DDL & DML Operations) External v/s, Managed Tables Views, Partitions & Buckets User Defined Functions, Transformations using Non Java Use Cases

NoSQL Databases – 1 (Theoretical Concepts), NoSQL Concepts, Review of RDBMS
Need for NoSQL, Brewers CAP Theorem, ACI D v/s BASE, Schema on Read vs. Schema on Write, Different levels of consistency, Bloom filters

Key Value, Columnar, Document, Graph

HBase Architecture, Master and the Region Server, Catalog tables ( ROOT and META), Major and Minor compaction, Configuration files, HBase v/s Cassandra

Java API, Client API, Filters, Scan Caching and Batching, Command Line Interface, REST API

HBase Data Modeling, Bulk loading data in HBase, HBase Coprocessors – Endpoints (similar to Stored Procedures in RDBMS), HBase Coprocessors – Observers (similar to Triggers in RDBMS)

Introduction to RDD, Installation and Configuration of Spark, Spark Architecture, Different interfaces to Spark, Sample Python program s in Spark

Usecase of YARN, YARN Architecture, YARN Demo

Usecase of Oozie, Oozie Architecture, Oozie Demo

Usecase of Flume, Flume Architecture, Flume Demo

Usecase of Sqoop, Sqoop Architecture, Sqoop Demo

Cloudera Hadoop cluster on the Amazon Cloud (Practice), Using EMR ( Elastic Map Reduce), Using EC2 ( Elastic Compute Cloud)

Stand alone mode (Theory) Distributed mode (Theory), Pseudo distributed, Fully distributed

Hadoop industry solutions, Importing/ exporting data across RDBMS and HDFS using Sqoop Getting real- time events into HDFS using Flume , Creating workflows in Oozie Introduction to Graph processing Graph processing with Neo4J, Using the Mongo Document Database, Using the Cassandra Columnar Database, Distributed Coordination with Zookeeper

Click Stream Analysis using Pig and Hive, Analyzing the Twitter data with Hive, Further ideas for data analysis

Our instructors/trainers are Cloudera and Hortonworks certified professionals. They have industry experience of more than 12 years and are Subject Matter Experts of Big Data.

To attend the live virtual training, one would require at least 2 Mbps of internet speed.

Yes, the Collabera TACT’s Virtual Machine can be installed on any local systems. The training team of Collabera will assist you with the same.

To install Hadoop environment, one needs to have 8GB RAM, 64 bit OS, 50 GB free space on hard disk and a Virtualization Technology enabled processor within their systems.

The online live training course will be conducted for 8 weekends, 15-16 sessions.

The candidates need not worry about losing any training session. They will be able to view the recorded sessions available on the LMS. We also have a technical support team to assist the candidates in case they have any query.

The access to the Learning Management System (LMS) will be for lifetime, which includes – Class recordings, presentations, sample code and projects.

Yes, we do have an option of group discount. To know more about group discount, contact

Yes, the course completion certificate is provided once you successfully complete the training program, you will be evaluated on few parameters like – Attendance in sessions, Objective examination and others. Based on you overall performance you will be certified by Collabera TACT.


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  1. Siddhi Patel, Jamnagar, India

    I would really like to thank Collabera Trainer for providing this training on Hadoop ecosystem focusing on Concepts and implementing it with a practical approach. Everytime I go through the session recordings , I am able to understand it more and better. The good part is the way he explains the concepts is in a normal fashion and no fancy vocabulary which is easy to understand for beginners like me.

  2. Kriti Krishna, Mumbai, India

    I went through the training program, trainer provided in-depth details regarding all the concepts. All the topics of curriculum where taken care. I am having practical knowledge for the same. All queries are answered.

  3. Profile photo of Sunny Shah

    Vijay Kumar Gupta, Banglore, India

    Training standards professional, covering each and every concept from the core of it and based more on hands on practice.

  4. Profile photo of Sunny Shah

    Renuka patel, Hyderabad, India

    It was great experience to work with one of the best trainers, and the feature of LMS( Learning managment system) was very useful and will be for life time .

  5. Profile photo of Sunny Shah

    Vivek Kumar, Pune India

    “Attracted to Java Development, i never had thought that i can also upgrade to Big Data Hadoop Development.
    Collabera TACT offered me this platform and now i can see a bright future for myself due to the job trends in the IT Industry for this Technology.
    The instructor ; Praveen Sripati is an expert for Big Data Hadoop Development and has many Real time Projects that will give the candidates ,an overall view of the real time scenarios.”

  6. Profile photo of Sunny Shah

    Vijay Pandey, Pune India

    It’s a great initiative that a company like Collabera TACT has taken up of providing training on emerging technologies and i have learned BIG DATA Hadoop Developer from SME that they had and he helped me as well in building live project as well.Thank you Collabera TACT for providing me in depth knowledge on I can say know one of the emerging technology of the market.

  7. Profile photo of Sunny Shah

    Juhi Pandey, Ahmedabad India

    “It was great initiative from Collabera to provide training on Big Data. It was a indeed great experience. The training was interactive & with more practical knowledge it became more interesting for me to learn a new technology.
    Thanks Collabera TACT team for all your support & help.”

  8. Profile photo of Sunny Shah

    Krishna Patel, Jaipur, India

    The course curriculum that Collabera TACT offers gives me in-depth knowledge about the technology. It covers all the sections of the technology.

  9. Profile photo of Sunny Shah

    Vinay Jha, Hyderabad, India

    I was hearing a lot about Big Data Hadoop Developer’s profile while working as Java Developer & was looking for platform to learn this Technology. Collabera Tact approached me with best infrastructure and helped me with this Industrial level training. Trainer was Industrial Veteran and his approach to learn was fabulous! I have already talked to my Friends about this and they would also be joining this soon! Thank you Collabera Tact to help me in growing!

  10. Profile photo of Sunny Shah

    Samantha James, Maryland, USA

    It was a great experience to work with one of the best trainers. Moreover, the team was of great help whenever we wanted to be flexible or had any queries.

  11. Profile photo of Sunny Shah

    Richard Romo, NY, USA

    I would like to say thanks to Collabera for conducting the training on Big Data Hadoop Developer, and the quality of training is awesome. I got good knowledge on the hadoop development and the other components of hadoop like Hive, Pig, Hbase, Oozie, Sqoop and many more. It was awesome experience for me.

  12. Profile photo of Sunny Shah

    Jack Brown, Illinois, USA

    I was always fascinated with new upcoming things. With Internet sources, i came to know about Big Data Hadoop Technolgoy. There popped up a name, Collabera TACT. I inquired about the details and gosh !!! Guess what ? I got Training from an Industry Expert; a subject matter expert who gave me training on Big Data Hadoop Developer.

  13. Profile photo of Sunny Shah

    Oliver Thomson, Edinburgh, United Kingdom

    The state-of-the-art infrastructure and its access gave me better understanding and hands-on experience on practical part of the technology.

  14. Profile photo of Sunny Shah

    Matt Rocco, NY, USA

    The Training Module that Collabera Tach posses is Excellent! Praveed Sripati’s Name was enough for me to get enrolled for training on Big Data Hadoop technology. I was reading his Blogs and to interact with him was Superb experience.

  15. Profile photo of Sunny Shah

    San Antonio, San Antonio, USA

    Excellent online experience of gaining knowledge. The trainer had all the relevant answers to my questions. Good training support from technical team.

  16. Profile photo of Sunny Shah

    Tim Parker, Quebec, Canada

    Training is industry accepted. Follows the Curriculum precise discussion on topics.

  17. Profile photo of Sunny Shah

    Jacob Smith, Nashville, TN,, USA

    Trainer has given excellent training and has got superb knowledge on Big Data with crisp course content. Thank you very much!

  18. Profile photo of Sunny Shah

    Sai Krishnan, Chennai, India

    Getting trainers who carry great experience and are Industry Veterans is the plus point of getting trained through Collabera TACT.

  19. Profile photo of Sunny Shah

    Siddhi Patel, Jamnagar, India

    I went through the training program, trainer provided in-depth details regarding all the concepts. All the topics of curriculum where taken care. I am having practical knowledge for the same. All queries are answered.

  20. Profile photo of Sunny Shah

    Mamta Kapoor

    Before going through training with Collabera TACT, I never wanted to go for online virtual classroom trainings, but I would prefer online classes now. Really good training program with a flexibility of attending the sessions online from any place. Even the training schedules on weekend are at my convenience as I do not have to hamper my regular schedule.

  21. Profile photo of Sunny Shah

    Uzma Khan

    I was wondering how I will attend sessions of 3 hours continuously, but the trainer’s hold in the sessions was so interesting that I always waited the whole week to attend my next sessions. The trainer was extremely knowledgeable; the practical sessions were really good it has helped me understand the real time examples of executing the commands of Hadoop.

  22. Profile photo of Sunny Shah

    Neharika Jain

    The pre-requisites sessions helped me to start learning Hadoop concepts more easily. I was really worried about the practical sessions but the trainer really did a great job in giving real time examples for practical sessions.

  23. Profile photo of Sunny Shah

    John ehte

    The session materials were very informative as well as cluster access was given in performing the practical. The trainer is the best trainer I have learned from for Hadoop.

  24. Profile photo of Sunny Shah

    Unuss Khan

    Over all Experience is Good

  25. Profile photo of Sunny Shah


    The course content is quite interesting and informative and also provides hands-on expertise on Pig & Hive, Oozie, Hadoop architecture, Flume, MapReduce and Apache workflow scheduler.

  26. Profile photo of Sunny Shah

    Bablu Babu, Nevada, USA

    The training program on Big Data Hadoop Developer provides in-depth knowledge of core ideas and executing it on wide-ranging industry use-cases.

  27. Profile photo of Sunny Shah

    Rahul Nair, California, USA

    The course curriculum of Big Data Hadoop Developer is quite informative and moreover, the support received from the technical team was quite appreciable.

  28. Profile photo of Sunny Shah

    David Walker, Newyork, USA

    The training on Big Data Hadoop Developer acquires in-depth knowledge on Hadoop architecture by learning about Hadoop Distribution file system

  29. Profile photo of Sunny Shah

    Raju Giri, Rajkot, India

    It was a great experience with Collabera TACT when it comes to upgrading the skills on emerging technologies.

  30. Profile photo of Sunny Shah

    Sudeeptha V, Hyderabad, India

    Training standards professional, covering each and every concept from the core of it and based more on hands on practice.

  31. Profile photo of Sunny Shah

    Janagiraman Murugesan, Chennai, India

    The training & the Trainer was Good. He taught us the concepts of big data well.

  32. Profile photo of Sunny Shah

    Poorna Noothalapati, Secunderabad, India

    Collabera TACT – Hadoop developer course Trainer is very good at BIG Data technologies. He explained all the concepts in-detail and it was easy to understand. I learned a lot and it will be very useful for my career.

  33. Profile photo of Sunny Shah

    Virander Singh Sardar, Hyderabad, India

    The training sessions were very conceptual and interactive. Thanks to the Organizers and Presenter for providing us with the valuable training on Big data Hadoop in a very professional and efficient manner.

  34. Profile photo of Sunny Shah

    Ramya Anaparthy, Hyderabad, India

    It was an excellent class and the trainer is professional. I really appreciate the teaching method of the trainer. The material provided by the team of Collabera Tact was really very helpful and informative. Overall, I have suggested many people to join a course with Collabera tact.

  35. Profile photo of Sunny Shah

    Vinay Kumar, Pune, Maharashtra

    Overall it was a good session. Our trainer had a very good knowledge on all the technologies and tools. Thanks to Collabera and Sitaram.

  36. Profile photo of Sunny Shah

    Vishnu Shukla, New Delhi, India

    The training session was good. He covered most of the topics related to Hadoop technology. He has provided good explanation and examples about the topics.

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