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    Why is it a great idea to emphasize on training your employees on AI?

    According to a recent article posted on the Forbes, almost 80% of the firms have incorporated some form of AI and 30% of the enterprises intend to increase their investments on AI by the next three years. In such a scenario, the employees should also be ready to adapt to the technology. Artificial Intelligence is a buzzword in the present scenario. It is a field where machines are programmed to have human-like thinking. The technology has taken the world by storm and is here to stay. It is...



    Collabera TACT plays a prominent role in training workforce for the IoT revolution

    Would you believe me if I told you that there are more devices connected to the internet than there are people on this planet? Are you now scratching your head? There is no need to because this simple piece of statistics will prove my claim. Internet of Things – Became very common today Just have a look around your house and count the number of internet accessing devices like smartphones, tablets, iPads, computers, laptops, televisions, and so on. Step out of the house and you will find the...

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