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The idea of integrating development and operations process is to enhance the quality of the product and to be able to deliver the product on time has taken technical world by storm. Many companies are now moving towards DevOps. The building, testing and delivery have become much faster and reliable with the use of DevOps technology. By definition, DevOps is the overall process of collaborating different processes of coding, testing and deployment. In DevOps, there are many tools involved at different stages to ensure the objective of DevOps is achieved. Below are the few common tools in DevOps.

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Vagrant is an open source tool used for building and maintaining portable virtual environment for developers. It gets very difficult, in large projects, to maintain the environment for developers with multiple stacks involved. To overcome this challenge Vagrant was created. It manages all the required configurations for the developers and reduces the setup and maintenance time for developers resulting in increased development productivity.


Git is a distributed version control system. Git can be used as server out of the box. It helps in adding the access control, in displaying the content of the repository through web and it helps in managing multiple repositories.


Chef is configuration management tool. It helps in ensuring that the all the files and software you need on a machine are present, configured and working as expected. Chef is particularly useful in large infrastructure where the systems are in thousands. Companies like Facebook and Indiegogo also use chef as their configuration management tool.


Puppet is open source software configuration management tool. Software configuration management is tracking and controlling changes in the software. With puppet you can define the configuration using a common language. From there you can share the details with all data centres maintaining the visibility you need to make decisions.

DevOps is really proving to be a boon in software development. It is not only helping in reducing the overall time in developing software but also in improving the quality of it. Every development in DevOps has happened in past 8 years and literally it is just the beginning of DevOps and it has a tremendous potential. If you need more information on DevOps or if you want to know how you can be trained on DevOps, please feel free to get in touch with

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  1. No mention of Docker and Jenkins??!!

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