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UI Development Certification

The competition is growing at an unprecedented pace. In this competitive world, the future of every business in every sector is boiling down to the quality of services offered to the clients.  The user interface design will be very crucial for any business. The ease of use and effectiveness of the websites, machines, appliances, mobile phones and software applications will play a very crucial role. The UI designers are already in demand and this demand is only going upwards. The average salary of UI designers in US is in the range of $ 70,000 – $ 90,000.

Why UI Development is in Demand?

Most of the businesses are dependent on the Internet for their growth. They need to pull people to their website for more business opportunities. Companies like Apple, Facebook and many other giants are focusing on design-centric websites and apps to set themselves apart from their competitors. This is reason why UI certification is in demand. UI design is one of the top 10 in-demand jobs in the market today. There is going to be 30% increase in the UI designers roles by 2020.

UI Development Certification Course Curriculum Consists

The UI certificate course is designed for professionals with basic knowledge of internet. So, basically this course is suitable for anyone who wants to make a career in the growing field of User Interface design. The course covers all the topics related to UI design in a very comprehensive manner. The course covers topics like visual design, layout design, data design and how to sell though design.

How can Collabera TACT Certification add value?

Collabera TACT’s UI certification holds special significance in the Job Market as this certification course puts equal emphasis on practical understanding as it does on theoretical understanding. Collabera being a staffing giant understands the job market better than any of the competitors, which helps in designing the course in the exact manner as desired by the companies.


Basic understanding of internet, inclination towards designing and sketching and a will to make a great career in UI designing.

What is UX?

User goals & Business goals

5 ingredients of UX






What is Experience?

Conscious experience

Sub-conscious experience



Affiliations, Status & Justice

Understanding Curiosity

User Research

How to ask people questions?

Creating Personas

Optimizing design for devices

Design Patterns

What is Information Architecture

User Stories

What is wireframe?

Visual Weight




Patterns & Repetition

Line & Edge Tension

Proximity & Alignments

Visual Hierarchy

F-Pattern & Z-Pattern

Browsing & Discovery


The Fold

Images & Headlines

Axis of Interaction


CTA & Labels




How experience matters in conversions

What is Data?

Summary of Statistics

Sessions v/s Unique Visits



Bounce Rate

New v/s Returning visitors

A/B Tests


– Basic understanding of Internet

– Ability to sketch

Course Reviews


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  1. Profile photo of sunny.shah

    Jerin Joy, New Delhi, India

    Very Satisfied with the training provided.

  2. Profile photo of sunny.shah

    Sagar Soman, Hyderabad, Telangana

    The Trainer had very good understanding of the concept and was able to explain topics in a manner that was easy to understand.

  3. Profile photo of sunny.shah

    Ritika Sood, Gwalior, India

    The training content and delivery was superb.

  4. Profile photo of sunny.shah

    Swaminathan Reddy, Bangalore, India

    As I did not have any understanding of the UI design, I was pretty apprehensive about this course, but the way trainer explained the concepts, it was pretty easy to understand.

  5. Profile photo of sunny.shah

    Kapil Madhav, Mangalore, Karnataka

    The training was more based on practical approach rather than theoretical, it made it easy for me to understand the topics better.

  6. Profile photo of sunny.shah

    David Dam, Alexandria, Virginia

    Very good training. I am confident about the concepts now.

  7. Profile photo of sunny.shah

    Madhavan Mahadevan, Cochin, Kerala

    The entire training program was very nicely structured and easy to follow.

  8. Profile photo of sunny.shah

    Jordan Morgan, London, England

    Good explanation by the trainer.

  9. Profile photo of sunny.shah

    Shiva Giri, Chennai, Tamil Nadu

    When I decided to go to UI designer training I was confused as there were so many training providers. I spoke with the Collabera TACT POC who explained everything in great detail. After deciding to go for this training with Collabera TACT I can say that I made the right decision. Everything about the training was excellent and very professional.

  10. Profile photo of sunny.shah

    Kumar Charan Rathod, Ontario, Canada

    It was a nice experience. I thoroughly understood the concepts of UI design. The trainer was excellent. He had very good understanding of all the concepts.

  • $292.50
  • 25 Hours

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    Course Features

    We provide 25 hours of live online training including live POC & assignments.

    It would be live & interactive online session with Industry expert Instructor.

    We have round a clock expert technical team available for query resolution.

    We provide lifetime Learning Management System (LMS) access which you can access from across the globe

    We strive to offer the Best Price to our customers with the guarantee of quality service levels

    Post completion of the course, you will appear for examination from Collabera TACT. Once you get through, will be awarded as a course completion certificate

    Collabera is the largest IT staffing company and we understand the market trends and industry requirements well. Therefore, we help our certified trainees in resume preparation, work on projects and provide assistance for interview preparation.

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