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Become an expert in Cloud Computing by getting trained in AWS like EC2, S3, EBS, ELB, Auto scaling, RDS, Route53, IAM, Cloud watch and many more. This online course will help in understanding the cloud computing architecture designs and build solutions on the AWS platform.

Self Paced Cloud Computing With AWS Training

Become a Cloud Computing expert and also learn the nuances of the AWS platform. Learn about services like Elastic Computer Cloud (EC2) and Simple Storage Service (S3). AWS is one of the largest cloud service providers across the globe besides Google and Microsoft. A statistic from last year showed that Amazon’s AWS S3 had 2 trillion objects stored on it. The numbers speak for themselves. Learning about various services that AWS entails and getting acquainted to the Cloud Computing concepts will be an integral part of this training.

Collabera TACT’s Value Addition

Cloud Computing is one of the leading emerging technologies of our times. Its market has seen an exponential growth from the time of its inception and continues to do so. Organizations are spending huge chunks of money for adopting cloud services. The global cloud computing market is said to reach a 127 Billion USD mark by next year. About 2 million cloud computing jobs were created in India last year. This technology is trending and presents the students and professionals with career prospects. There is a continuous demand for skilled professionals on Cloud and Cloud based services like AWS by companies today.

Collabera TACT Self Paced Cloud Computing with AWS Training covers all the aspects of cloud computing in a comprehensive manner.  Listed below are the topics that you will be trained on during this program –

  • Learning about the building blocks of AWS
  • Working with AWS Computer & Storage products and services e.g. EC2, EBS and Cloud Formation Templates, VPC, S3 Storage and Glacier
  • How to work with AWS Scale and Networking Services like
  • ELB
  • Auto Scale
  • Cloud Watch Metrics and Alarms
  • VPC
  • Amazon Route 53
  • Cloud Front Distributions
  • How to build a static, highly available, fault tolerant and redundant Web Application Service
  • Learning in detail the costs associated with AWS and techniques to maximize savings
  • Learning various AWS architectural design patterns

Pre Requisites

There are no set pre-requisites for doing this training. All you need is an inclination towards Cloud Computing and basic understanding of this emerging technology.

Introduction to Cloud Computing
• Introduction to Cloud Computing
• Why Cloud Computing?
• Benefits of Cloud Computing

Types of Cloud Computing
• Public Cloud
• Private Cloud
• Hybrid Cloud
• Community Cloud
• Software as a Service
• Platform as a Service
• Infrastructure as a Service
• Horizontal vs. vertical scaling

Cloud Computing Issues
• Security
• Costing Model
• Service Level Agreement (SLA)
• Cloud Interoperability Issue
• What to migrate?
• Legal and compliance

• What is virtualization?
• Virtualization and cloud computing
• Types of virtualization
• Virtualization terminologies
• Hypervisor
• Benefits
• Vendors

Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Introduction to AWS
• Elastic computing
• Introduction to the AWS products
• Regions and Availability Zones
• Signing up for AWS
• AWS Free usage tier
• Introduction AWS management console

EC2 Instances
• Understanding AMI
• Launching your first AWS instance
• On-demand Instance pricing
• Reserved Instance pricing
• Spot instance pricing
• Setting up security
• Security groups
• Choosing the AMI
• Creating a new AMI
• Public and Private IP’s
• Deploying a new instance from the created AMI
• Key Pairs
• Elastic IP’s
• ELB (Elastic Load Balancer)

EBS (Elastic Block Storage)
• Create EBS volumes
• Delete EBS Volumes
• Attach and detach EBS volumes
• Mounting and un-mounting EBS volume
• Creating and deleting snapshots
• Creating volumes from snapshots

• Cloudwatch dashboard
• Configuring Monitoring services
• Setting thresholds
• Configuring actions
• Creating a cloudwatch alarm
• Getting statistics for ec2 instances
• Monitoring other AWS services
• Configuring Notifications
• Integrating cloudwatch with Auto scaling

Simple Notification Service (SNS)
• what is SNS?
• Creating a topic
• Create subscription
• Subscribed to the subscription

Auto scaling
• Boot strapping
• Create a launch configuration
• Create an Auto Scaling group
• Create a policy for your Auto Scaling group
• set up an auto-scaled, load-balanced Amazon EC2 application

Identity access management (IAM)
• Creating Users and Groups
• Applying policies
• Password Policy
• Roles
• Command line management.

Elastic Beanstalk
• Creating environment
• Application versioning
• Deploying a sample app

S3 (Simple Storage Service)
• What is S3?
• RRS (Reduced Redundancy storage)
• S3 durability and redundancy
• S3 Buckets
• S3 Uploading Downloading
• S3 Permissions
• S3 Object Versioning
• S3 Lifecycle Policies

Glacier storage
• Creating zones
• Hosting a website
• Understanding routing policies
• Weighted simple and failover policies

Relational Database Service (RDS)
• Selecting the Database type
• Configuring the database
• Creating database
• Configuring backups
• Configuring the maintenance windows
• Connecting to the database.

Cloud Formation
• What is cloud formation?
• Deploying template
• Create Stack
• Delete Stack
• Provisioning application resources with CloudFormation

• Use of cloudfront
• Creating a cloudfront distribution
• Hosting a website of cloudfront distribution
• Implementing restrictions
• Configuring origins and behaviours

Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)
• What is VPC?
• VPC configuration
• VPC security
• Elastic IP’s
• Inbound and outbound ACL’s

Dynamo DB
• Creating a Dynamo db
• Configuring alarms
• Adding data manually

Project and AWS Case study
• Creating and managing two tier application(WEB and DB) on AWS.
• Creating and managing three tier application(APP, WEB and DB) on AWS.
• Migrating On-Premise application to AWS Cloud.
• Best practices for AWS
• Cost control strategies
• Overview of AWS certification

AWS troubleshooting
• Troubleshooting EC2 instances
• Troubleshooting using CloudWatch
• Troubleshooting using ELB
• Using CloudTrail

Our Instructors are certified professionals and are subject matter experts with extensive industry experience.

2 Mbps of internet speed is preferable to attend the LIVE classes.

The recorded session for the class will be available on the LMS for your reference. We also have a support team, so in case you need any clarification on concepts or help in debug or installation etc, the support team will help you on it.

The access to the Learning Management System will be for lifetime.

Yes, we do offer group discounts, please contact jointact@collabera.com for more information.

Yes, After you successfully complete the training program, you will be evaluated on some parameters – Attendance in sessions, Objective examination and others. Then you will be certified by Collabera TACT.

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    The Self-Paced training program on AWS Cloud Computing offered by Collabera TACT is very effective and helps me to get into the field and plan for a career in Cloud computing.

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