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Machine learning methods are used for data analysis, this is where they are similar to data mining, but the main goal of machine learning is to automate decision models. Algorithms are the heart and soul of machine learning and they help computers to find hidden insights.

So in essence machine learning algorithms need to learn. The machine needs to learn from data. Data will have multi dimensions- Type (quantitative or qualitative), amount (big or small size) and number of variables available to solve a problem. Learning algorithms should also be as general purpose as possible. We should be looking for algorithms that can be easily applied to a broad class of learning problems.

The data scientists are responsible for machine learning and getting outputs but the business people are the ones who are going to use it for business purpose so the rules and insights extracted from machine learning should be interpretable. So the output produced by the machine has to be understood by humans, who may not be from the machine learning area.

What differentiates this course are the following:

  1. Case study based approach, where participants are immersed in the problem.
  2. Complete package of AI (deep learning and NLP) and machine learning.


The training aims at providing the participants with latest and general purpose machine learning algorithms. At the same time the training aims to deliver some common threads or a common knowledge base which can be used in future for learning a wide range of algorithms.

Use Cases

Large and comprehensive use cases:

  1. Financial Industry- Participants would learn “Credit Scoring.”
  2. Health care industry- Use tensor flow for extracting information.
  3. The Canada police differential treatment story.
  4. How to find correct weights for food items and have a winning compensation program.
  5. Predicting customer churn in a telecom industry.

Other than this working use cases on:

  1. How to reduce a large number of variables.
  2. Predicting heart attack.
  3. Convert categorical information to continuous information.

What are the components of the machine learning area

  • Share resources for future and current learning
  • What kinds of problems can be solved by machine learning
  • Appreciate different kinds of data

Cover basic of R to make participants comfortable on the tool

R is the primary tool for data manipulation and machine learning algorithms.

Participants need to be clear with basic statistical concepts such as probability distributions, hypothesis testing

Bring all participants to a level where they are comfortable with statistics which is a mandatory component of machine learning.

Algos- MLR, Logistics and nonlinear regression

Make participants hands on with predicting with regression models

Algos- SVM, decision trees, boosted decision trees, Naïve bayes

  • Classification is the most used class of algos in real business.
  • Participants should be able to choose the correct algo and use it.

Concepts of ROC, hit rate, kappa statistics and K-S statistics

Participants would be able to know how good a classification model has been fitted.

How to select useful variables out of substantial number of variables

  • Learn feature selection methods for regression- Ridge and LASSO
  • Feature selection methods for classification methods- Information value based, filter based and wrapper based.

How consumers make decisions and value attributes

Conjoint analysis

How to know the consumer is about to leave you

Hidden Markov Models for churn analysis.

How to use different neural nets for Deep learning

  • Boltzman machines
  • Convolution networks
  • Recurrent neural networks

Different components of NLP

  • Parts of Speech
  • Text Similarity

Consolidating the learnings

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    Viswanathan Kolanchinathan, Pennsylvania, USA

    It was a great experience of getting trained with Collabera TACT under expert trainers. Talking about the training part, it was excellent coordination from Collabera TACT representatives and Trainer. The way technical team supported the classes is really praise worthy. Overall, it was a nice experience.

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    I am Data Scientist and this machine learning upgraded platform was new to me. One of my friends suggested the course offered by TACT and it has simply done wonders for me. I had few specific problems, the answer of which I found in their LMS. It has been a great experience going through their courses.

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    I recently went through their Machine learning program offered by Collabera TACT. I was really impressed by their upgraded content which was toe to toe with latest industry trends. One of the things that impressed me was their support mechanism. The learning consultants would be available for you 24×7.

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    IOT program of Collabera TACT is really awesome. I went through their IOT program due to my job requirements. It has been a pleasant experience as they have really upgraded my level and now I am able to keep up with others in the industry.
    Kudos and keep up the good work.

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    I have plans to set-up my own venture and when I looked for the online training program this seemed affordable. But once you go through the training you feel you are at advantage of getting more than you expect. I already have gone through two of their trainings one technical and one self-paced. It has helped me a lot.

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    To begin with, their support team really understand the meaning of support and they will guide through your requirements. Then everything is a piece of cake. Even a tough course like A.I. seems easy as the trainer would start from scratch. It has been a great and wonderful experience.

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    Being an Algorithm specialist I was getting stuck at few steps after I have been moved to a different role. I enrolled for the course of Artificial Intelligence given by TACT and thank God I did. The trainer was awesome; the LMS material was crisp and upgraded. Altogether it has helped me to handle my job with great ease and the updated material and trainer’s guidance helped me to upgrade

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    I salute you guys. Making a newbie like me to understand technical courses is really tough but by the support of the trainer and support team I have completed the course. The trainer’s accent was easy to understand and the LMS material was also very good. As their tagline says I have been able to standout after taking their course.

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