Become a professional iOS App Developer by upgrading the skills of OOPS Concepts, Objective-C used for the developing of the iOS applications, Xcode IDE for building/ debugging/ packaging the applications and help the Company Board Members in building an iOS application.

iOS App Development Certification

iOS app developer

iOS is an operating system that runs on all hand-held Apple devices (e.g. iPad, iPhone, iPod). Given the popularity of Apple devices, there is a huge demand for iOS Developers. iOS App Development Course will teach you how to build iOS app using Objective C programming language. After successfully completing this iOS App Development Training, participants will be able to build and launch fully functional iOS apps on the Apple App Store. The Apple app development training takes a hands-on approach, and participants will build multiple apps. The focus is on Learning by Doing.

At Collabera TACT, participants will:

  • Understand the OOPS concepts
  • Understand the use of Objective-C for the developing of iOS application
  • Work with Xcode IDE for building/debugging/packaging the applications
  • Getting started with the Swift programming language
  • Understands the tool chains and the class that make iOS framework
  • Build iOS application for the Company Board Members and submits it to AppStore


The Online iOS Development Course is best suited for graduates, developers and programmers, who are keen on upgrading their skills and wish to get certified in iOS app development, ought to go for iOS App Development course.


Candidates should be proficient in programming language, preferably, in C Programming and must have good understanding skills of Object-Oriented Programming concepts. Candidates should be prepared to write a significant amount of code.

Introduction to iOS
• What is iOS?
• Introduction to iOS devices (iPhone, iPod, iPad)
• iOS Architecture and SDK Frameworks
• iOS SDK & Development Environment
• Apple iOS Developer Program & Sources of information.

Object Oriented Programming Refresher
• Overview: Creating Object Oriented programs
• Class & Object
• Inheritance
• Encapsulation
• Polymorphism

Introduction to IDE: Xcode
• Walkthrough of IDE: Demo of Xcode 6.x
• Xcode installation.
• Creating Projects using standard templates
• Creating an simple iOS Application.
• Anatomy of an iOS application.

Introduction to Objective-C
• Objective C Language Overview.
• Similarities between C & Objective C.
• Walkthrough of Data types in Objective C. (int, float etc)
• Overview Classes, Objects, and Methods in objective C
• Anatomy of a class: Header files (.h) and Implementation files (.m)
• Introduction to Foundation Framework
• Working with common used Foundation Classes (NSString, NSArray etc)
• Declared Properties
• Dot Syntax

Objective-C (continued)
• Creating custom classes. (.h & .m Files)
• Adding public and private methods.
• Adding declared properties.
• Accessing & Passing data between objects.
• Structure of iOS Application.
• iOS Application states & Lifecycle of an iOS app.

Introduction to UIKit
• Creating UI using Storyboard & AutoLayout
• Basic iOS Controls (UIButton, UISlider etc)
• Basic iOS Display Components (UILabel,UITextfield,UITextview)
• Other input UIKit components (Picker View, Date Picker, etc)
• IBOutlet & IBAction

Design Patterns in iOS
• Model View Controller (MVC)
• Target-Action (IBOutlet and IBAction)
• Singleton
• Delegation
• Notification
• Categories & Protocols

Memory Management
• Introduction to Memory management in iOS.
• Manual Retain Release – Explained.
• Automatic Reference Counting
• Property attributes and their relation to memory management

UIKit – Views
• UIView Properties – Frame, bounds, center etc.
• Scroll View
• UIView – Adding Subviews
• UIView – Animation

UIKit – Viewcontrollers
• UIViewController – Explained.
• Lifecycle of a ViewController.
• Creating Applications with multiple Views
• Passing Data between Viewcontrollers (using segue)
• Creating View Controllers in Code.

UIKit – Viewcontrollers (continued)
• Navigation Controllers, Tab Bar Controllers.
• TableView Controller.
• Collection View Controller
• Split View Controller
• Search Bar Controller, Page View Controller

UIKit – User Interface Tools
• Creating UI using nib files (xib)
• Creating UI using storyboards
• Size Classes in Xcode 6.x
• Autolayout & Adaptive UI

Networking/Accessing Webservices
• Basics of SOAP and REST Protocols.
• Accessing Webservices using SOAP/REST
• JSON Parsing: Introduction to NSJSONSerializiation Class &
• XML Parsing : Introduction to NSXMLParser Class & NSXMLParser Delegate.

Data Persistence
• Data Persistence Using NSUserDefaults, Property lists
• NSCoding Protocol.
• NSKeyedArchiver & NSKeyedUnarchiver classes.
• Core Data: Core Data Basics, Building the Core Data Stack, NSPredicate
class, etc.
• Data Persistence using SQLite DB.

iOS Advanced
• Blocks Programming.
• Multi-Threading – NSOperationQueue, GCD etc
• Advanced Frameworks – Core Location, iAd, Accessing Camera, Local and
Push Notifications
• Debugging – Debugging application using break points.
• Performance Optimization – Using Instruments.

iOS App – Deployment to AppStore
• Overview of iTunes Connect Portal.
• Overview of Appstore Provisioning Profiles
• Archiving iOS applications
• Uploading Apps using Xcode.

Our Instructors are certified professionals and are subject matter experts with extensive industry experience.

2 Mbps of internet speed is preferable to attend the LIVE classes.

The recorded session for the class will be available on the LMS for your reference. We also have a support team, so in case you need any clarification on concepts or help in debug or installation etc, the support team will help you on it.

The access to the Learning Management System will be for lifetime.

Yes, we do offer group discounts, please contact for more information.

Yes, After you successfully complete the training program, you will be evaluated on some parameters – Attendance in sessions, Objective examination and others. Then you will be certified by Collabera TACT.

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    Albert Lewis, Houston, USA

    “Perfect Course contents and Perfect trainers.
    Best provided Technical Assistance and a very healthy approach for better Career opportunities by Collabera TACT.”

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    George Antigson, London, UK

    I was having 3 years of experience as a Android developer and was looking to upscale and move up in the career then Collabera TACT helped not only getting me upscale with emerging technology but also provided help and support post completion of training , the course curriculum was really of advance level and really loved their services .Thank you Collabera TACT for helping me.

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    Pinkesh Patel, Jurong East, Singapore

    IOS Development helped me earn good note worthy skills to my profile so as to become a successful professional in life. Join Collabera TACT without any doubts as its the best, You ought to be the best and beat the rest. This is what collabera offers

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    Amazing Course. Amazing Trainers. One of the best training in India.

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