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Data Science – an exciting career option right now

For the last couple of years, Data Science has been the highest paying job in the market. It has been named as the sexiest job of the 21st century by Harvard Business Review. Today, it is practically impossible to imagine the corporate world without “Data”. Everything is dependent on data. You need not go any further to find out how important “data” has become, just look at the top companies in the world; Google, Facebook, Amazon, etc. All these companies basically work with data. Products like Google AdWords and advertisement on Facebook are only made possible because of the fact that these companies have the capability to run the advanced algorithm and they also have a lot of data.

One example where data has shown its magic is, how Amazon uses it to optimise customer experience. The product recommendation that we get from Amazon is the result of a highly sophisticated data science algorithm. This algorithm can predict with some certainty whether we are really going to buy the product and if the probability is high, Amazon moves that product to the storage unit nearest to us so that we can get next day delivery if we do decide to purchase the product.

Data Science- an exciting career option right now

There are numerous such examples where sophisticated and advanced data science algorithm has changed the way business is run. And this is just the beginning; the potential of Data Science is humongous. Every major company in the world is after hiring a qualified and trained data scientist, as data has become kind of a backbone for the companies. At the moment, the demand for qualified data science professionals is extremely high compared to the supply. Just like the time when computers were just becoming main-stream, there was a lot of demand for computer engineers. Whosoever got into the field of computers early made a career for themselves. Early adopters always get more benefit.

Data Science is indeed an exciting career option right now and this is an exciting time to get into the fascinating world of data science. To know more about the future prospects of Data Science and to find out about how you can go about making a career in the field of Data Science, please feel free to call 1800-833-8228.

November 23, 2017

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