IoT and Agriculture Industry

IoT (Internet of Things) is everywhere; there is not a single industry left which is untouched by the magic of …

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Talent Management in 21st Century

In corporate world, talent management is getting increasingly challenging. With the ever increasing aspirations in millennials and competition among corporates, …

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Corporate Trend in 2017

With a rapid change in technology across the world, the gap between skills required and skills possessed by the employees …

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IoT: Redefining the Workplace

IoT (Internet of Things) has already made a huge impact on consumers. “Smart” devices have already replaced the conventional ones. …

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History of DevOps

DevOps emerged out of a very straightforward idea that collaborative and co-ordinated efforts make business works best. This simple idea …

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Data Storage – Cloud computing

The usage of data has been embedded in our routines in such a delicate manner that we never truly appreciate …

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