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Become an expert in Cloud Computing by getting trained in AWS like EC2, S3, EBS, ELB, Auto scaling, RDS, Route53, IAM, Cloud watch and much more. This online course will help in understanding the Cloud Computing architecture designs and build solutions on the AWS platform.

Cloud Computing with AWS Certification

The training course on Cloud Computing with Amazon Web Services (AWS) offered by Collabera TACT, assist students to build on the concepts and expertise to become cloud-enabled. The course will be an in-depth and hands-on session which helps the participants understand the cloud computing architecture, designs and build solutions on the AWS platform.

Why learn Cloud Computing with AWS?

The buildup of AWS services and the sheer scale of AWS make it very hard on the competition. According to Gartner’s report, AWS has five times the compute capacity of its nearest 14 cloud competitors combined. And it’s growing that capacity at a prodigious rate. AWS vice president and distinguished engineer James Hamilton claimed that every day Amazon adds the equivalent of the infrastructure necessary to power Amazon back when it was a $7 billion e-commerce business. The demand for the certified AWS professionals equipped with the right skills to manage the AWS cloud services and build applications on the AWS services is rapidly growing.

Cloud Computing with AWS Course objectives:

  • Understand the building blocks of AWS
  • Work with AWS compute and storage products and services, including EC2, EBS, and cloud formation templates, VPC, S3 storage and glacier
  • Work with AWS Scale and Networking services, including ELB, auto scale, cloud watches metrics and alarms, VPC, Amazon route 53, and cloud front distributions
  • Build a static highly available, fault tolerant and redundant web application service
  • Gain in-depth understanding of costs associated with AWS and techniques to save costs
  • Understand different AWS architectural design patterns
  • Get hands-on practice on all the major components covered in this course


Basics Computer Knowledge. Knowledge on Linux would be beneficial however not mandatory.

Introduction to Cloud Computing, Why Cloud Computing?, Benefits of Cloud Computing

Public Cloud, Private Cloud, Hybrid Cloud, Community Cloud, Software as a Service, Platform as a Service, Infrastructure as a Service, Horizontal vs. Vertical Scaling

Security, Costing Model, Service Level Agreement (SLA), Cloud Interoperability Issue, What to migrate?, Legal and compliance

What is virtualization?, Virtualization and Cloud Computing, Types of virtualization, Virtualization terminologies, Hypervisor, Benefits, Vendors

Introduction to AWS, Elastic computing, Introduction to the AWS products, Regions and Availability Zones, Signing up for AWS, AWS Free usage tier, Introduction AWS management console

Understanding AMI, Launching your first AWS instance, On-demand Instance pricing, Reserved Instance pricing, Spot instance pricing, Setting up security, Security groups, Choosing the AMI, Creating a new AMI, Public and Private IP’s, Deploying a new instance from the created AMI, Key Pairs, Elastic IP’s, ELB (Elastic Load Balancer)

Create EBS volumes, Delete EBS Volumes, Attach and detach EBS volumes, Mounting and un-mounting EBS volume, Creating and deleting snapshots, Creating volumes from snapshots

Cloudwatch dashboard, Configuring Monitoring services, Setting thresholds, Configuring actions, Creating a cloudwatch alarm, Getting statistics for ec2 instances, Monitoring other AWS services, Configuring Notifications, Integrating cloudwatch with Auto scaling

What is SNS?, Creating a topic, Create subscription, Subscribed to the subscription

Boot strapping, Create a launch configuration, Create an Auto Scaling group, Create a policy for your Auto Scaling group, Set up an auto-scaled, load-balanced Amazon EC2 application

Creating Users and Groups, Applying policies, Password Policy, Roles, Command line management

Creating environment , Application versioning, Deploying a sample app

What is S3?, RRS (Reduced Redundancy storage), S3 durability and redundancy, S3 Buckets, S3 Uploading Downloading, S3 Permissions, S3 Object Versioning, S3 Lifecycle Policies

Route53, Creating zones, Hosting a website, Understanding routing policies, Weighted simple and failover policies

Selecting the Database type, Configuring the database, Creating database, Configuring backups, Configuring the maintenance windows, Connecting to the database

What is cloud formation?, Deploying template, Create Stack, Delete Stack, Provisioning application resources with Cloud Formation

Use of cloudfront, Creating a cloudfront distribution, Hosting a website of cloudfront distribution, Implementing restrictions, Configuring origins and behaviours

What is VPC?, VPC configuration, VPC security, Elastic IP’s, Inbound and outbound ACL’s

Creating a Dynamo db, Configuring alarms, Adding data manually

Creating and managing two tier application (WEB and DB) on AWS, Creating and managing three tier application (APP, WEB and DB) on AWS, Migrating on-premise application to AWS Cloud, Best practices for AWS, Cost control strategies, Overview of AWS certification

Troubleshooting EC2 instances, Troubleshooting using CloudWatch, Troubleshooting using ELB, Using CloudTrail

Our instructors are certified professionals, having more than 14+ years of industry experience and are subject matter experts of Cloud Computing.

To attend the live virtual training, one would require at least 2 Mbps of internet speed.

The candidates need not worry about losing any training session. They will be able to view the recorded sessions available on the LMS. We also have a technical support team to assist the candidates in case they have any query.

The access to the Learning Management System (LMS) will be for lifetime, which includes – Class recordings, presentations, sample code and projects.

Yes, we do have an option of group discount. To know more about group discount, contact

Yes, the course completion certificate is provided once you successfully complete the training program, you will be evaluated on few parameters like – Attendance in sessions, Objective examination and others. Based on you overall performance you will be certified by Collabera TACT.

Course Reviews


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  1. Profile photo of sunny.shah

    Krunal Koshti, Jaipur, India

    I enrolled for AWS Cloud Computing training with Collabera, and I am very satisfied with the training, I got good knowledge about cloud computing and all the other things about AWS. It was great experience for me.

  2. Profile photo of sunny.shah

    Shruti Sinha, London, UK


    Went for training on AWS by Collabera as cloud is the emerging platform experience of training is very Good. Precise knowledge provide.”

  3. Profile photo of sunny.shah

    Alice wong, kranji, Singapore

    Collabera TACT training helped me in my career with the best training facilities and the training team who were dedicated to help me every time i had queries .

  4. Profile photo of sunny.shah

    Demi Shannon, Edinburgh, UK

    I had always been inquisitive to learn cloud computing and Collabera TACT taught me everything I expected of. Great course, incredibly efficient infrastructure facilities provided and amiable support team as well.

  5. Profile photo of sunny.shah

    George Michael, New Jersey, USA

    I thoroughly enjoyed the course. The explanations and examples were excellent. The courseware is well-organized.

  6. Profile photo of sunny.shah

    Andrew Sebastian, California, USA

    I got to know about the training program of Collabera TACT on emerging technologies from one of friend who is working in the US office and he suggested me to take a step ahead on up scaling my self with the emerging technology so i have decided to go for the training on Cloud Computing and i was surprised by the offerings that they offered during the training and post completion of training and i moved ahead in my career and working at a higher pay scale then earlier.Thanks Collabera TACT team for helping me and guiding me in getting better future.

  7. Profile photo of sunny.shah

    Franklin Joshpe, Nevark, USA

    It was an amazing experience to train on BIG DATA with Collabera TACT. This course is very feasible to the beginners and the course contents are downloadable on the go

  8. Profile photo of sunny.shah

    Trishant shetty, chennai, India

    training is quite impressive and the trainer has a dept knowledge on every topics and very helpful for freshers like me. positive kick in the beginning of my career.

  9. Profile photo of sunny.shah

    sarah, Novena, Singapore

    Its a good start to move to cloud computing. very well organized training sessions, and the best part is reviewing the training sessions again and again for number of times. Collabera TACT is doing a brilliant job in helping professionals with their skills.

  10. Profile photo of sunny.shah

    Steve Miller, Canada

    Great course. Very in-depth and broad at same time. Great overview of content strategy. Well done Collabera TACT!

  11. Profile photo of sunny.shah

    James Mims, Dublin, OH, US

    This course is prepared for a professional wanting to get into Cloud Computing from beginning to advanced level. Wonderful kick start in a career.

  12. Profile photo of sunny.shah

    Murthy Swaminathan, London, UK

    One of the best trainings that I have ever attended. the trainer is very knowledgeable.

  13. Profile photo of sunny.shah

    Dazy Thomas, Novena, SIngapore

    The course is well designed, and very good explanation of AWS components as well as on Cloud. It was very great experience for me.

  14. Profile photo of sunny.shah


    I really learned lot of things with training, trainer really have a good accents it was on added advantage for us. And now I really got a command on AWS coz collabera taken all the hands on and which is important think in training

  15. Profile photo of sunny.shah

    Shankarapu Jagadish

    Training was a good experience to learn new technologies, hope Collabera brings new technologies to the techies

  16. Profile photo of sunny.shah

    Ravi Theja

    The training was very good, i was able to learn a lot from the course. Expecting to get a better job after this training

  17. Profile photo of sunny.shah

    Prachi Shrivastava ,Ahmedabad, India

    My journey with Collabera TACT had been great. The trainer enlightened us with immense knowledge about the technology and the support received from the technical team was also appreciable.

  18. Profile photo of sunny.shah

    Amrita Amin, Rajkot, India

    The online course helped in understanding the concepts and terms used in Cloud Computing. The course curriculum is quite informative and helpful to upscale my career growth.

  19. Profile photo of sunny.shah

    Vidit Maniyar, California, USA

    Online course on Cloud Computing by Collabera TACT was referred to me by one of my friend who had already undergone the training for the same. The course curriculum was interesting and informative; the trained was well-versed about the technology.

  20. Profile photo of sunny.shah

    GEORGE ACKER , London, UK

    The training program on AWS Cloud Computing offered by Collabera TACT is very effective and helps me to get into the field and plan for a career in Cloud computing.

  21. Profile photo of sunny.shah


    The trainer is well-versed in this field and the support received from the technical team is quiet appreciable.

  22. Profile photo of sunny.shah

    Vinoth Babu.M, New Delhi, India

    He conducted the class in a very professional manner, was cordial with the students and covered all the topics in an effective way. I had a great experience doing this course. The trainer explained the basic concepts of AWS and cleared my doubts/ queries in a simplified manner. I strongly believe that people who lack on infrastructure and system knowledge are the ones usually heard complaining. The best way to gain knowledge is to practice the concepts regularly. The trainer has shared his contact details with us and we can freely connect with him in case of any queries or challenges we face.

    I make it a point to continuously practice AWS. I have full faith in my trainer and the support teams at Collabera. I am sure they will guide me whenever I am in need and help me reach my goal of attaining a job in my field.

  23. Profile photo of sunny.shah

    Varun Vijaywargi, India

    Today, we are done with our AWS training. I think it is my responsibility to let you know about my experience all the way through this training.

    I cannot tell you how much impressed am I with this trainer (Satish P) who is our instructor for this training. His knowledge is amazing but I am a firm believer of the saying “Knowledge that cannot be shared is equal to having no knowledge at all” and Satish has done a tremendous job in sharing anything and everything that he can and answered hundreds (if not thousands) of questions and answered them with proper diagrammatic explanations which not only help us understand the answer but also made sure that we remember it for a long time as such way of explaining a problem is the best in this industry. He has been terrific, marvellous, fantastic and I am getting short of adjectives for this trainer. If Collabera TACT has similar trainers, then I do not have any doubt in my mind, you guys have a terrific future.

    Thanks (from a very happy trainee this time 🙂 ),

  24. Profile photo of sunny.shah

    Hemant Desai, Bangalore, India

    I cannot tell you how much impressed am I with this trainer for Cloud Computing with training. His knowledge is amazing but I am a firm believer of the saying “Knowledge that cannot be shared is equal to having no knowledge at all” and he has done a tremendous job in sharing anything and everything that he can and answered hundreds (if not thousands) of questions and answered them with proper diagrammatic explanations which not only help us understand the answer but also made sure that we remember it for a long time as such way of explaining a problem is the best in this industry. He has been terrific, marvelous, fantastic and I am getting short of adjectives for this trainer. If Collabera TACT has similar trainers, then I do not have any doubt in my mind, you guys have a terrific future.

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