Niche Skills in I.T. Sector – Need of the Hour

Indian IT industry gets 60% of its revenue from U.S. based market but the recent turmoil in the U.S. politics …

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Big Data, Big Decisions

Big Data (and related technologies) is no longer a luxury for the corporates but has become a necessity. In fact, …

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Machine Learning Trends In 2017 And Its Future

We are heading towards the digital age when computational learning, neural networks, and pattern recognition are the gateway to any …

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IoT and Environment Monitoring

Internet of Things has come a long way in very a very short time. It has changed so much in …

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The Art of Data Science

Data Science has captured the imagination of the corporate world. Things which were beyond imagination about a decade ago are …

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The Future and Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is growing at an exponential rate and even after so much advancement in this field, we have not …

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