Data Mining Techniques

Data mining is one of the most widely used methods to extract information from large datasets. There are various techniques …

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Data Science – Python vs. R

Data Science is the most in-demand skill in the world right now. The data that is being generated today is …

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Data Science – an exciting career option right now

For the last couple of years, Data Science has been the highest paying job in the market. It has been …

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Why IoT Matters?

IoT has triggered a “smart” revolution; everything is getting smarter by the day. The inventions made possible because of the …

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How Banks Use Big Data to Improve Customer Experience

The impact of Big Data and the related technologies on how the businesses are run has been remarkable. Today, it …

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Internet of Things and the Travel Industry

Like most other industries, the travel industry is no stranger to the revolution caused by the advanced technology. The emergence …

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